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The grass is greener

I ended up getting the best of the best award at ATT, which means I was in the top 1% of all the students there. I finished with a 96 overall and about a week ahead. Got one thing to put on my brag sheet for evaluations.

I've been moved to San Diego and it's much better here. The weather is nicer, the people are more social, even the barracks are better. It's more like a hotel room with a real bed instead of a cot thing and only one room-mate! I'm able to work out much more often here, so I'm gradually gaining by my lost muscle. Get to get up at 6am instead of 5am. Stuff is also much easier to find here both on and off base. This base is so tiny, you can walk all the way across it in about five minutes. The public transportation here is great. You can pretty much get to anywhere from anywhere. There's also a ton of stuff to do and here I have people to go out with. Thus far I've been to the SD Zoo and Safari Park, the Aerospace Museum, an anime convention, several beaches, lots of good restaurants, all the nearby malls (which are all open air), and some other places I can't think of right now.

My mom just came out (Hi mom!). I gave her the tour of the city, hitting the hot spots like La Jolla and Mission Beach. Gotta practice since I'm going to be the Ship's Tour Guide (STG, lol). Had some REALLY good food. Maria made it out on Sunday and we all caught Cirque du Soleil's Quidam. Three down, like 12 to go.

Mi madre got me a Hercules MK4 DJ console for my birthday while she was here. It's a mixer thing that hooks up to my computer and works with Virtual DJ, so I'm back into DJing. I still prefer the feel of CDs and real decks, but I have to be all minimalistic for the Navy and this thing and my laptop will be able to travel with me when I finally go to a ship.

Oh, I also got a sweet ass laptop a few weeks ago. It cost me about $1700, but it replaces my desktop and is quite awesome. ASUS G73-Jw A1. It's in the top ten lists of gaming laptops.

I started A-school about three weeks ago. It's cool and lame at the same time. I'm learning neat stuff, some of it classified (secret), but the way we learn is so boring. We take notes off a powerpoint and just have to memorize stuff. There's pretty much no working stuff out at all. Basic Acoustic Analysis (BAA) will be better. That's when we use mock machines and track fake contacts.

I'm going to take salsa and some other dance lessons with this latin girl I met. I hope I don't look silly for too long and that I don't stick out too much at the latin clubs. She's going to learn how to rave dance, though!

Do you see me on the way, every night and every day? I'm following a ray of light; let it burn right through my veins.
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