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So that latin girl I spoke of last time is now my girlfriend. Her name is Dinelia. We've been to a latin club once and are going to go back soon. She wants me to wear some fancier clothes, which I don't care for at all (see: hate), but I'll put up with it for a couple of hours.

San Diego is still awesome. The weather is almost never bad and there's still so much left to do. I still haven't been to Sea World or Legoland. We made it out to Universal Studios and Six Flags. Technomania circus is a monthly thing now. D&D games every Sunday. I'm still too busy during the week with school to really do much, though Dinelia and I try to practice dancing.

Speaking of class, it ends next week. I pulled ahead to the top yesterday and cemented it more today. It's pretty much between one other guy and me. I feel kind of bad, because he comes in to extra study and really wants it, whereas I never come in to extra study and don't care if I get it or not.

I've been DJing more. I got the Uplifting Special contest going on the Trance Community forums. As always, I give everyone a month to get sets to me and they wait until the last week. They'll start saying they never had time right after the due date is up. Losers.

There's a SPEAR seminar coming up at the end of the month. I need to get registered for that. Also, Anime Expo, the biggest anime convention in the U.S., is coming up on July 1-4. I'm already registered and set up to go. A bud and I are going as Billy and Jimmy from Double Dragon.

The sky's on fire
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