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Demodulated Noise

This entry will have some good things, but is going to end on a bitter note with something I'm going to be thinking about for a while.

I did end up getting top of the class. Two more and I'll have a Navy Achievement Medal, which will give me an extra point or two on the advancement exam, which I won't be able to take until September 2012. I got another neato challenge coin. This one is a captain's coin. Commander Cody (lol), the XO, shook my hand and said "You da man". He was supposed to hand me the coin in a special handshake, but he didn't know anything about it and the chief ran off afterwards to find one.

I'm now STG3 Brown. There's an extra $200 a month.

Dinelia and I are doing well. I did get a "nice" shirt and wear it to a club with her. I guess it's my latin outfit now.

Anime Expo next weekend! Planning on taking leave the weekend after that for two weeks. Gotta get some self defense training in. I'm getting way rusty.

I got a trance show going again. This one is called Demodulated Noise or DEMON for short. I'm also doing the second in a series of Trance Community albums. Each month will have a new DJ. The first one had over a thousand downloads, so I think this will be a real boost for me. I need to get my new DJ Facebook page more friends!

I'm still liking San Diego. There's still a lot to do here and it's not a bad place to have to chill if you can't find anything. The Navy, however, is starting to bother me a lot more. Maria is just about out. She couldn't stand the stupidity and amount of what we call shit-bags (lazy, don't care, jerks, etc.) here. I thought I could put up with it better, but I'm not sure after this experience I just went through. I got put TAD (Temporary Assigned Duty) to a cruiser to help them pass an upcoming INSURV, which is a big ship inspection. When you're put TAD somewhere, you join that command. In this case, those of us that got forced TAD were supposed to live on the ship. It was in port the whole time. This was basically done to keep them from having to shuttle people there and back every day. A couple of us stayed on the ship for the first two days, but we all eventually started coming back to base every night because the beds are much more comfy. It was all so pointless. They split us up. I was with a friend of mine. The first few days we didn't do anything that would really help them. Cleaned out the bilge (that blows) and some other things, which is a giant waste of time for us because it will not help them pass INSURV in two months. The bilge gets dirty every day. We ended up painting a lot, because we told them how pointless bilge stuff was. This was all made more pointless when they started shuttling people to the ship anyway, voiding the entire reason we were there. We just had to work four extra hours; 7-17 vs. 9-15. The worst thing, though, was the people. They weren't so much jerks as they were just depressing. Everyone's motivation was gone. Nobody liked the Navy. Most said they were getting out as soon as their enlistment was up and that they hated their jobs. They also told us how everything on the ship was broken and it was basically a floating pile of junk.

You see, this stuff has been the case on each ship I've been to. I've been to three different ships now and everyone on them is so depressing. One thing people say about making it in the Navy is staying away from the "F the Navy" people, but that's rather difficult when it's damn near EVERYONE. I only know like two people under chief rank that aren't like that. I'm not sure I can deal with that on a ship. I'm usually pretty optimistic, but it's like being in the Navy just saps the life force out. Everyone is depressed. They can't wait to get off work and drink. People not on ships are total shit-bags, too. Maria was quite right about all that. Honor, courage, and commitment, the Navy core values, are a joke - a PR scheme. They're just here to sound nice. We had an open Captain's Mast where two people got in trouble for doing some stupid stuff on alcohol and then we had an alcohol related incident the next day. I used to have a little pride about being in the military, but I've come to notice it's much the same as civilian life, except with less freedom and more punishment. I'm starting to think civilian life may be better and I think I have a few ways to get out whenever I want without getting dishonorable. I'm going to be thinking about a lot over the months to come. I'll need to have a solid plan if I do get out. I don't want to go back to what I was doing before.

Now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople.
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