Luke (chaos_reigns) wrote,


So, what's been up since I left the Navy? Not too much for me, really. I just chilled for about two months. I've been playing Rift a lot. Started looking for a job in January. I think this one internet company is about to hire me. I'm at the second stage of application or whatever.

I keep getting sick/having medical issues. Stomach issues, skin issues, and the panic attacks are back. No unreality, though. This stuff has been screwing up my plans for a while.

Dinelia went home and came back. A bit later my mom came out. After that Dinelia had to leave again for two weeks for a Navy thing. She was freezing in Maine.

I'm mostly stuck in my little box/house. Waiting on the VA to tell me about my GI Bill. Waiting to not have some medical issue. Waiting to save money. Waiting to hear about a job.

Squawk squawk
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