Luke (chaos_reigns) wrote,

It's time

Dinelia is out of the Navy! She's feeling a lot better. Got her diet and workout going good and bumped mine up as well. We get to keep the military medical coverage for six more months, then we'll have to switch it to a lower/other plan. We're both getting college stuff ready. I switched to Radiology Tech. I may do the MSW thing one day, but I couldn't pull it off now. I've been out of school for too long to get the recommendations I need (have to talk about my ability to do master's level work). I was never super set on that. I mean, it just kinda made sense. I'm good at counseling people and logistics stuff, so I could go either side of the MSW. Still, it feels a little weird to already have a bachelors and be looking at an associates for a career. I feel better about the job, though. Less anxiety for some reason. Anyway, I'm looking at other things for later. Radiology Techs make decent money and I think I could continue on in something medical. Dine gave me the idea of anesthesiologist, but I could go back to MSW. Going through more school and working in the medical industry are both good for references for whatever comes next. It's a bit frustrating that I have to take Anatomy & Physiology again. Too out of date for the Radiology program. On the upside, I can take it with Dine.

We're doing all the stuff to get back to Texas. Set up to fly back on March 14. I feel bad for Pez. He'll have to ride with the cargo for like 13 hours. He seems to adjust pretty well to new places so far, but I'm worried about my mom's cat. Pez doesn't like other cats much.

I'm glad I have an online job that lets me switch around hours. Hope it runs through college.

ACWA is coming up as well. I'll finally be able to get in on the instructor program.

Not really a lot going on otherwise. I keep trying to find a new game to play, but being bored with them. Just waiting for everything to kick off in March.

Beware the ides
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