Luke (chaos_reigns) wrote,

You're hot then you're cold

I am sick with a stomach flu. Lots of puking yesterday. Hot and cold flashes with sweats all the time. Coughing at night. It takes quite a while to go to sleep. Last night I ended up sleeping on the living room floor immediately in front of the fan. Got an hour or so in.

Dine and I aced all of our classes last semester! She was freaking out the whole time, but I knew she'd be good. I've only got one class next semester. It's also time for me to apply to the radiology tech program.

I got a pimple right in front of my wedding ring on the finger and it swelled up. Just got the ring off a bit ago and it hurt like crap. The finger is still all swollen and stiff. It's very annoying.

My surgery stuff is good. Still got that clot under my right nipple. It varies in size. I have some feeling back in the left one, not that it really matters for me. The clots screwing that up in the right. It's a bit odd having a long term numb spot.

I got a tablet. It's pretty neat. I like apps over websites. If only I could work on it!

Oh, man, I keep getting fungal stuff. Seriously. Every damn nick starts getting it. I have to goop everything. This tea tree oil soap doesn't do anything.

The Bystander Effect
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