Luke (chaos_reigns) wrote,


I'm married! Wow! It's crazy. We had a pretty good sized wedding. Too bad her parents couldn't come, but it was still nice. Had a little chapel and violinist and stuff. We ended up standing in the opposite spots, so technically our bridesmaid and best man were switched. Frank was the prettiest bridesmaid ever. Everyone keeps asking me if I feel married. Honestly, it feels like dating except I don't have to worry about women anymore. We rented a house near her base and got a really good deal on it for SD. Still waiting on the BAH, which is frustrating, but it's coming. The Navy is giving it to me first, then her once I'm a civilian.

Oh, yeah. I'm getting out on Friday. Civilian select Brown becomes civilian dependent Brown. I feel good and bad, but mostly good. I'll miss out on seeing the world, at least I won't see it as much and get paid for it, but I won't have to put up with the endless stupidity. Seriously, the military is retarded. I'm getting a fully honorable discharge and might be eligible for part of the GI bill. I have to look into it more once it happens. They can't make anything simple.

Let's see. We also got a car. This whole thing has put us real low on money, so we haven't been able to do much lately. We're trying to save up for her to go see her parents and then just general savings.

That's about it, gang. Watch out for that tree!
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