Luke (chaos_reigns) wrote,

The news

I got my GI bill. Well, the 60% I was hoping for. I'm thinking of teaching or psychology. I don't know yet.

Anxiety stuff continues. I had an appointment with a psychiatrist, but when I got there they told me that I had called and cancelled, which I had not. Instead of attempting to fix their screw up in any way, they told me the next open spot was May third, to which I responded with a "No. I'll just go somewhere else." My appointment with a different psychiatrist is in a couple weeks.

Dinelia will be leaving for Maine soon. We're planning to meet in Texas and visit my family, but then we won't see each other again until November and we'll be in Hawaii.

I got a job with a web judge company. It's pretty good. I get to work from home and never have to talk to anyone by voice.

I bought a media center and TV. Download all the things!

My laptop recently returned from a very long stint with ASUS support. I had to send it in three times in a row, because it kept coming back more screwed up. It was still messed up when I got it back last time, but I fixed the crashing problem with some new graphics drivers.

Dinelia and I went to Disneyland, Medieval Times, and Cleveland National Forest along with some other parks for hiking.

I think that about covers everything recent. Oh, I'm 27 now.

Beans and cornbread
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