Luke (chaos_reigns) wrote,

Getting ready

I just got back from a little vacation. First up was Texas with my mom and quasi-family people. We went to Schlitterbahn. It was pretty sweet. We had a house across the street and the lines weren't too bad, since it was during the week. I got sunburned real bad the first day and had to wear a shirt the next two. I was supposed to fly back to San Diego, then leave for Maine the next day, but I was flying standby and wasn't able to get on a plane back. I had them switch it to DC, where my connecting flight to Maine was going to be. I found out after that that you can't just jump on a connecting flight. A Redditor picked me up and I stayed on his couch for a couple days while I fixed the flight. It was cool getting to tour DC. I got to Maine a day late, but everything else went smooth. It was great seeing my wife again. We saw the new Batman, which was awesome, and went to one of the national parks there. We didn't get to do much, as she didn't have much time after work and there really isn't much to do in Maine. Now comes the longer sad time. We won't meet up again until November in Hawaii.

I'll be moving to Hawaii on September 3rd. I've been working on verifying that being set up and it looks like the Navy didn't mess up again (It's happened twice). I gotta get the house ready, so I can get my deposit back (I hear it's hard in Cali). Hopefully, I'll get to train KFM with the guys here a few more times.

ABH is going to extend our contracts, which rocks. I don't know for how long yet, but the last one was six months, so maybe the next will be as well.

Hakuna matata
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