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I got here and got everything set up. Oddly enough, the apartment I found was on the same street, just two buildings down from the hotel I was in. This place is smaller than in SD. One bedroom. The kitchen is part of the living room, which is kinda cool actually. More easily accessible and I can watch TV while cooking. The only thing that's going to get annoying is the little hallway to the bedroom, which is kinda small and I'm not quite sure yet how I'm going to get a real bed in there. I'm sure the last people in here did it somehow. It's just a complete 90 degree left turn with only like a doorway's worth of space there. Also, you have to go through the bedroom to reach the bathroom. That'll just be annoying if we have someone over. I had to get a few space saving things and some cooking stuff. Found out that it's cheaper to buy a whole pot/pan set than it is to buy one pot by itself ($17 vs $20).

Hawaii seems alright so far. Lots of good hiking and beaches. We're on Oahu, which is the tourist island. I've heard the Hawaiian people can be pretty racist, but I haven't had an issue yet. It's a tad bit weird being a minority. There's a new Reddit group here that's getting out. I was able to get out with them once when I had the rental car, but now I'm mostly on hold until my car shows up. There is a pretty good public transportation system here, but the cost of using it starts adding up if you go to a lot of places. They don't have day passes. Mostly, though, I just don't like taking buses. A ten minute car trip turns into like an hour. Anyway, I think Dinelia will really like it here.

My work has been wacky for a little over two weeks now. No work for a week and a half, then they uploaded a task that vanished after day, then they added another that ran out of hits in a day. We also changed program managers twice. I've been wondering how much those guys make. It's still a home position. I'm always the one that informs them of whats going on and makes the tech support tickets to get things done. I feel like I'm ready to move up in the company.

Doctor Who is back! QI is a funny show!

Hakuna Matata
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