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We're in Texas! After a stay at my mom's in Longview, we've set up at our apartment in Fort Worth. We finished unpacking and building stuff. The place is really nice for how much we're paying. Nicest apartment I've lived in. Registered for college. I started up ACWA again, but I'm in the instructor program now. Everything is moving right along.

Pez was traumatized by my mom's cat and is scared of everything now. It took him a while to not be scared of our new kitten, Squish.

Dine's sisters are here. It's good and bad. They pissed her off yesterday by basically ditching us at the FW Zoo. Dine's dealing with a lot of family stuff. :(

I keep having skin crap! Got an infection (like staph) around my right wrist, which I got rid of, but then it became ringworm, which I'm still working on. During the bigger ringworm part, I started to get another bacterial infection, but going crazy with the neosporin took care of that. I basically have to goop every little cut now. I think it's all going to be cleared up within the next week.

I'm working more on Spanish with Duolingo. It's a neat online thing that's better than Rosetta Stone.

I've been learning about more supplements a lot lately. Found a good company for powders and got some for free and $20 off. It's neato!

Short post for what's all been going on, but it's not as much to talk about as it was to do. We've been quite busy.

Livin' la vida impacto
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