Luke (chaos_reigns) wrote,

The cutting

My surgery is done! I'm healing up. It's not too bad. I was scared of the anesthesia. Not a fan of being shut off. This chest compress bandage is pretty annoying. I don't know why anyone would willfully wear a tube top.

Dine got a job at Marshalls, which she likes, but it doesn't pay enough. She's taking a one month nurse assistant course to get a better job sorta in her field. It sounds pretty neat.

Dine and I both got an A in A&P1! The teacher was from Mexico and had a thing about her accent and she would ask me if she was saying things right. Hah! We won't be in the same class next semester. :( There's also a big kerfuffle with TCC snatching some of her GI Bill when they weren't supposed to and I have no idea when my Hazlewood Act stuff will go through. I'm trying to use my GI Bill for ACWA. It's job training for me, after all.

I'm also an ACWA instructor now. Green level, anyway. I'm working on a class schedule during my college break.

I finally got rid of the staph, which was actually MRSA. It took a lot longer than a week! Still have a good size spot where it was before. I hope it doesn't scar like that. I now use Defense Soap, which is made to fight bacterial and fungal infections. This stuff is serious business.

Man of Steel is my new favorite movie.

I'm keeping up with this NSA stuff and so should you!

Squish had a fungal problem, too, which also took a long ass time to get rid of. She's good now, though. She's a sweet little girl!

Not much else going on, really. Work and school. Not much money for going out right now. I'm putting in extra hours now. My contract is up for renewal in a couple weeks. I think they already cleared out whoever they're not keeping, so I should be good to keep going. I sure hope so. I've got options if anything bad happens, though.

Need to start going to church again. I think I spotted a good one to try nearby. A few others we tried were not our style.

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