Luke (chaos_reigns) wrote,

Cache cool

I'm mostly healed. No scab stuff, anyway. My chest looks pretty normal. Got a clot thing under my right nipple, but the doctor said it should go away on its own over time. He also said it could take 2-3 years to get the feeling back. Not that I ever liked anything touching my nipples anyway, but it's weird having a spot on your body that you can't feel.

Dine and I are in another semester at TCC. I've got A&P II and Pathophysiology. She has A&P II (different class), Microbiology, and a nutrition class. She's way busy with two serious science classes. Hope she pulls the A's. Some bad scheduling with work screwed up her studying for the first few weeks and she's just now catching up. I'm looking good for an A, but I should go in to talk to the professor for A&P II. She never goes over the tests afterwords and I want to double check erasures and maybe argue some points about the shitty labeling on this lab test. I was almost certain I had an A on it, then it was an 84.

I'm really getting the feel of being a self defense instructor. I have every Tuesday now and I'm taking this Sunday while the other guys go out to train Combat Submission Wrestling. Street ground stuff. They're hoping to bring more people in by offering more stuff. We gotta get some more people in so we can take the place next door and bust down the wall to have a bigger area.

The government shut down is ridiculous. I'm still not a democrat, but the republicans have lost it. I'm trying to get involved in politics. I've mailed a thing out for my voter registration three times now. Hopefully, this last one goes through. Now if only I can get other youngins like me involved.

Dinelia and I were finally together for our anniversary. We wanted to go to the Water Gardens, but they came to us (rain). We ate at a fancy dinner place and spent some time together.

Dine just got another job taking care of someone's elderly mother in home. Starts tomorrow. It's only a couple of hours every morning. She's still at Marshall's, but only on the weekends for a few hours. They don't pay much like the care stuff.

Getting back into lifting after the surgery. Not back to my previous level yet, but I'm moving up. Dead lift got hit the worst.

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