Luke (chaos_reigns) wrote,


That finger thing turned out to be MRSA and put me out of commission for workouts and teaching ACWA for almost two months. Got some serious cabin fever going for a bit there. The additional time dealing with the opportunistic fungal infection was annoying. I'm still healing up, but the infection stuff is gone. Can't quite make a fist with my left hand yet, but it's close enough to hold the workout bar. I'm not dead-lifting yet, though. Still can't fit my wedding ring on. Oh, and don't forget about the new vitamins and new soap, even though my last soap was specifically made to fight this stuff.

It's weird getting back to teaching ACWA after being basically sedentary for two months-ish. Gonna take a bit to get in the groove.

We got a dog! Rocky is a ~12 lb. rat terrier/jack russel mix. The cats are scared, but he's totally nice. Pez is starting to come around, which is weird because we tested out another dog and Squish was coming up to it to investigate, but she's terrified of this one. They'll figure out the dog isn't going to hurt them soon enough.

The VA came through with the extra disability. Backdated me for a year. I used the sudden cash to get another car. 2005 Civic Hybrid. It's a manual, so had to teach Dine how to drive it. She was freaking out for a while, but is getting used to it now.

I'm getting camping stuff together. If it'll warm up a bit more, we'll get out there.

My legs are crazy sore from getting back to squats.

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